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Provisional Member

(Dues: $15 per semester)


-Currently enrolled in 3+ units at FC


Attend a general meeting and pay dues in person

*Cash only please* 


Start participating at the chapter level today. Great introductory membership for those who don't meet active member req's. Note: Cannot vote or become an executive board member

Active Member

(Dues: $85 first yr; $15 every semester after)


-completed 12 units

-Maintain 3.25 GPA


Accept PTK emailed invitation (dues accepted online only) , then attend 1 meeting per month & volunteer for 1 event per month. See events page to register. $15 dues for following year to be paid in person  


Lifetime membership, transcript notation, front rows graduation seating, diploma seal, free membership pin & certificate, access to gold graduation stole & cords, free scholarship site membership, access to $90 million in PTK scholarships



Ask Our Advisor

PTK chapter advisors are great resources. Contact our advisor, Professor Darren Chiang-Schultheiss, for answers to questions about eligibility, not having received an invitation, membership dues, and connecting with our chapter. He'll be happy to hear from you!


What People Are Saying

Sometimes it helps to get a second opinion before making the decision to join our Honor Society. Here's what past leaders, honorary members, former advisors, and current members have to say

Samantha Flores

Alumni Member

“Becoming an official member does not stop at registration. Learn & live by our four hallmarks: scholarship, leadership, service, and fellowship. Expand your leadership skills and connect/work with like-minded individuals. I can't stress enough how positively impacting this program truly is.”

Desiree Dotterman

Former Chapter President

"Participating in PTK has been one of the best parts of my college experience so far. Now that social media outreach has blossomed and committee work has become increasingly virtual, it's easy to get involved. Leave your legacy at FC by joining PTK."

Aaron Untiveros

Secretary; Active Member

"One of my favorite experiences is the Honors in Action Project which is unique since no other club does this. The creation process of this community based project takes a lot of time/effort, but the outcome is always worth it. Participating gave me new insight on the project topic and I even got to meet some of my greatest friends there."

Kim Madrigal

Former Chapter Secretary

"PTK let me develop an authentic leadership style by helping me establish meaningful relationships with diverse members through working on research projects. The most fulfilling part is knowing that I helped cultivate a support system that assisted fellow scholars through some of the adversities in their journey."

Janna Anderson

Former Advisor

"To get the most out of PTK membership, get involved in the chapter’s activities.  Take advantage of the opportunities to participate in planning and executing service projects.  Everyone’s contribution is welcome.  Not only will you be doing something good for the campus or community, but you’ll also be building the skills you need for professional success"

Greg Schulz

President of Fullerton College

"I am proud of our Phi Theta Kappa (PTK) chapter at Fullerton College. PTK President Sasha Dotterman and her leadership team have established an agenda of activities and events that will further strengthen the overall student experience at Fullerton College."


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